“Hey, I’m John Maestas! I’m a music lover from New Mexico born into a family of restauranteurs. The Maestas family had a restaurant for 30 years in Los Alamos called “Sparky’s Soda Bar”, which was renowned by the community for their delicious red & green chile and the fresh fruit pies. Naturally, I grew up working in the restaurant business even back in my early years when I was learning the in’s and out’s of the business as soon as Mama could bring me to work. I’m thankful that my family always had good music on while they cooked and worked in the house and I developed a love for music because of all those things i heard, so i decided to join the band in middle school.

The first instruments I loved were the trumpet and the french horn, but one day my Papa Benny gifted me his old guitar when I was 12 years old – it changed everything! My focus changed. I had found my muse, and decided to pursue immersing myself in all kinds of music.  Music and the guitar consumed me then, as they do today. I studied with great mentors and musicians in New Mexico, and also attended the Chicago College of Performing Arts and the Berklee College of Music on scholarships.

I specialize in playing lots of guitars, genres, music production, and sound FX. I play and produce for lots of artists around New Orleans spanning all kinds of different influences and styles- please check out the music to see what I mean. I am a co-founder of Bubble Bath Records, a record label that features original music from New Orleans. Our artists are among some of the most talented and respected musicians in the scene and it’s a pleasure to share music and ideas with them. I also teach music in schools and master classes for advanced students. I love to travel and learn of other cultures’ histories and mysteries. I hope my music connects with the listener and transports them to a familiar memory with a fresh perspective.”

John Maestas






ALBUM: Humoso (2011)

1. Desesperança
2. Y Tu Que Has Hecho?
3. Jarmusch
4. Mayan Prophecy
5. Remedios
6. Sueño del Mar
7. You Got to My Head
8. Under the Mango Tree
9. Strollin’ Down Senile Street
10. Otra Vez

John Maestas – Electric/acoustic guitar
Asher Barreras – Acoustic bass
Enrique Chavez – Drums, cajon, percussion
Aaron Lovato – Tenor saxophone (7)
John Rangel* – Fender Rhodes Piano (guest on track 8)

Kai Margarida-Ramirez