Max Moran & Neospectric, 2015-present

“Led by Max Moran, Neospectric plays from the heart. The music always feels inspired, whether we are rocking out or getting to that vibe where you can feel the love pouring out of the groove. There’s not much to say about the music, just listen to it and you’ll get it. I love the songs and the songwriting… the colors and textures and how raw it all is.”

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 The Grïd, 2014-present

“AJ Hall is the man behind The Grïd. He knew exactly who he wanted in the band to make the sound he’s hearing and I’m very thankful to be one of them. We are trying to remind people why a badass live band will always triumph over a badass track any day. And we’re not polite about it either. We perform with various emcees and vocalists including Mike Mass, Nesby Phips and, Cole Williams and Fiend For The Money (International Jones)

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Hildegard, 2014-2016

“Futuristic. Electric. Wild and unconventional. This music screams and gently caresses. It’s a super fun band to be part of, and they originally just asked me to come in and help produce the first album. The band’s fluidity at blending so many influences frees me as a musician to make decisions based on feel rather than genre boundaries. I’m playing guitars and lots of effects on the record.”

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Biglemoi, 2015

“My friend/BBR co-founder Vivi (and keyboardist for the band) approached me about producing the Biglemoi EP and I jumped at the chance to work with them. They have such a keen ear for songwriting and for how texture and tone can shape the direction of a song. I got to work alongside Ian Painter (engineer and co-producer) and together with the band I think we came up with a very beautiful sounding expression of Biglemoi’s songs.”

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 Thomas Pol In America CD

Thomas Pol, 2015

“Thomas is an inspiring bassist and composer. He recruited me to play with his band a couple years ago and we started honing the band sound in the good ol’ Apple Barrel in New Orleans. Do you ever get in a room with a group of people and just feel, ‘yeah…this feels right’? That’s what this band was like every time we got together. I play lots of effects and guitar in the band, and we all had the freedom to come up with our own parts and find our personal voices in the music. Thanks for that, Thomas.”

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Fancy Pants, 2014

“This band was so much fun to play in and write for and perform with! We really got to a fun energy with all of our music, even when we were exploring the darker side of things. It’s not all pop and video games, even though we love those things, and that’s what i really loved so much about this music. Fearless and flexible. * Side Note * We recorded this all when we were sick as dogs one Christmas break, and we made it all happen with 2 mics…2 mics!”

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